Who We Are

We are a young nonprofit that facilitates dialogue on the subject of racial discrimination against Asians in Europe.

We, as Asians and Asian diasporas in Europe who have suffered inflamed racist incidents during the Covid-19 pandemic, came together to take action and speak up about our experiences. We strive to promote cultural diversity and human rights of Asians and Asian diasporas in Europe.

What We Do

1. We find out.

We conduct surveys and collect data in order to document and analyze racist incidents.

2. We figure out.

By understanding and visualizing data, we map out awareness-raising strategies and legal solutions.

3. We reach out.

We amplify Asian voices through the media, public statements, and strategic social media campaigns.

Do you want to join us in making Europe more diverse and inclusive?

We’re always looking for volunteers who want to strengthen our team and learn from each other! If you are interested, please send us an email to asianvoiceseurope@gmail.com with a short introduction. Our team will be in touch with you to discuss what your interests are, and we’ll take it from there!

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